Friday, May 29, 2009

Movie Life List

For Christmas 2007 year, I gave the Mrs a book. (No, that wasn't the only thing, or the nicest thing.)
We are avid, movie watchers. We go to the movies weekly and are always looking for something good to watch. We are both 49+ years of age and have been exposed to movies for most of our lives.
The book is titled "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die" (hereafter known as "The Book") edited by Steven Jay Schneider. We laughingly refer to it as "Marge's Bowling Ball", in reference to "The Simpsons" episode where Homer gives Marge a bowling ball personalized with "HOMER" lovingly engraved.

I have decided that "The Book" may be an interesting subject for my blogs (let's face it, there is really nothing else in my personal life I really wish to share with the world) as we attempt to see all of the movies that are listed and what we may have thought about their inclusion in such a important sounding list.

While I have probably seen as many as 30 percent of them over the course of my years of TV watching and movie-goings, and many are already in my DVD collection, this will be about finding the movies to be viewed, notes about my impression of the movie and other films that these may lead me to, for whatever reason. Often as I look at the list, I have to admit that I may not have actually seen the movie, and have just really heard so much about it that I have predetermined that the film can be checked off. If there are any doubts, I will look to re-view the title.

Ours is the 2nd edition and though I know that it has been updated often and with certain films removed while newer films are added, this blog will address only those in the second edition. The entries will be numbered and bunched in no particular order, or specific category.
Feel free to comment if you find this endeavor interesting.
Y'all Take Care, OK