Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sherman's March

I'm not sure when Ross McElwee decided to turn this documentary into a look at relationships in the early 1980s. It seems that it was his original intention and that the parallel between his love life and the life of William Tecumseh Sherman is more of an afterthought than a diversion. If you are looking for information about Sherman's March To The Sea, you are advised to look elsewhere, although there are certainly a few things that can be learned, the film begins with McElwee explaining his bad luck as his girlfriend has left him for a former boyfriend. From this point forward, we see him proceed immediately to his hometown in the Deep South and is subjected to family and friends good intentions trying to fix him up with a good southern girl. Meeting women along the way, he follows the path of Sherman's March, meeting women along the way, who drift in and out of his life without ever succumbing to his charms which must be easily ignorable considering the fact that he spends so much time filming their more personal moments. “Sherman's March” actually becomes more interesting because of it's mediocrity and if that is not enough of a lure to watch it, there is always the view of life seen before cellular technology, computers, and the other marvels of technology came along.

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  1. I have only seen this film once (at a second run local theatre during my college years) - and have been looking for a copy ever since. As it is on the 1001 list (which i'm also watching and reviewing), i'm looking forward to finally tracking down a copy - and hoping that it lives up to my memory of it.